Glodom Language Solutions Co., Ltd.

Glodom Language Solutions Co., Ltd. (Glodom) is an innovative and one-stop-shop language and technology solution provider that offers multilingual translation, interpretation, localization, desktop publishing, machine translation services, etc. We focus on industries such as ICT, games, intellectual property rights(IPR), life sciences and finance & law.

Comprised of more than 300 full-time employees and 5,000 plus linguists in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, Glodom offers high-quality, cost-effective language and technology solutions in more than 150 different languages. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Glodom has also offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Chengdu and Cambridge.

Glodom has established long-term cooperation with many Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises in various industries.