CSA 2023 Ranked 55th of Global Top 100 LSPs, included in Top 100 for 10 consecutive years
Ranked among Slator's Global Top 100 Language Service Providers and became a recommended language service enterprise of the National Language Service Export Base.
Ranked among CSA Research's Global Top 100 Language Service Providers. Recognized as a "contract-honoring and credit-worthy" enterprise.
Ranked among Nimdzi's Global Top 100 Language Service Providers; ISO27001 and ISO17100 certified; became a strategic partner for Huawei AGC platform and HMS Alliance.
Joined the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA);
Partnered with the UN International Children's Emergency Fund; ISO9001 certified, and awarded 5 software copyrights.
Subsidiaries were established in Chengdu, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and an office was set up in the UK.
Glodom Language Solutions was founded. Set up branch office/subsidiary in Beijing and Hefei.
Became a translation service provider for Huawei
GSL (predecessor of Glodom) was founded