We help you convey information to investors around the world with our professional experience and knowledge. We provide fast, efficient and cost-effective translation services, knowing that financial and legal materials have demanding requirements about deadlines, confidentiality and security. We continuously improve the quality and satisfaction of our services.

  • A listed company

What Kind of Services Do We Offer

The banking and finance are highly specialized sector. It requires cross-industry knowledge such as legal and information technology. Moreover, as it invloves larger amounts of money than most other industries,  translators must possess a high level of domain knowledge and linguistic precision.

· We are certified in ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO17100.

· With a wealth of talents and customer-centric principle, the finance translation team is fully capable of efficiently processing multilingual and cross-cultural documentation.

· The team has extensive experience and has provided translation services for many listed companies, large banks, law firms and other institutions.