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Glodom Language Solutions Co., Ltd. (Glodomfor short) is a leading language service provider that offers translation,localization and language related HR outsourcing services worldwide. Glodomprovides its clients with professional language services based on its stringentquality control and efficient project management mechanism. Glodom has beeninnovating in technologies, tools, and processes to continually improve andtranscend itself and to create greater value for its clients. This PersonalData Protection and Privacy Policy is the guideline for Glodom to process thepersonal data and privacy information which it may have access to during itsoperations.

Glodom is fully aware how important yourpersonal data is and spares no effort to protect your personal data during itsoperations. Glodom follows the principles provided in the General DataProtection Regulation (GDPR) for processing personal data. When personal datais used, processed or traded for commercial purpose, all relevant legalprovisions shall be observed (principle of lawfulness). During data processing,the interest of different data subjects shall be properly considered; it isprohibited to use the personal data for commercial purpose or trade the datafor economic benefits at the cost of the data subject's interest (principle offairness). The data subject shall be informed of the purpose, scope andspecific uses of personal data when it is used or traded;  personal datashall not be processed or traded if it is not conducted in a transparent mannerin relation to the data subject (principle of transparency). In addition, the GDPRspecifies other principles including purpose limitation, data minimisation,accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality, andaccountability. Glodom may have access to your personal data during itsoperations, and the following provisions shall apply in this regard:

1. To clarify the needs and preferences ofthe user or content provider, the service provider (Glodom Language SolutionsCo., Ltd.) may contact the user or content provider by telephone or email. Theservice provider will strictly protect personal data and privacy of the user orcontent provider based on the Glodom Language Solutions Personal Dataand Privacy Protection Policy.

2. The service provider will not disclose anydata from the user or content provider without their permission. However, thedata may be disclosed in part or in whole:

(1) to a third party with theconsent of the user or content provider;

(2) to a third party or to theadministrative or judicial organ according to relevant provisions of law or asrequired by such organ;

(3) to a third party in casethat the user or content provider violates relevant laws and regulations ofChina;

(4) to a third party as it isnecessary for providing required software or services for the user or contentprovider.

This PersonalData Protection and Privacy Policy helps you understand the following:

Statement and Notice

Definition and Scope of Personal Data

Source of Personal Data

Processing of Personal Data

Protection and Storage of Personal Data

Disclosure of Personal Data


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