With the rapid development of science and technology, speed is the "life" of high-tech enterprises. We serve as a bridge to facilitate the global communication, translating the world's advanced technology into Chinese for easy grasping the knowledge and promoting our technology to different parts of the world in various languages.

Our Internationalization and Localization Services
06 Local Marketing
When it comes to overseas marketing after product localization, we offer marketing materials localization service.
05 Localization Testing
We perform test in local environment and  product localization quality evaluation.
04 Product Localization
Localization comes first before promotion to overseas markets. We provide software translation, UI localization, term base construction, knowledge base maintenance, etc.
01 Product Design
At the early stage of product design, globalization requirements need to be considered for architecture design. We provide related consultancy services.
02 Product Development
Build-to-specification system architecture, user interface (UI), product function development
03 Product Testing
The test engineers perform testing and quality assurance evaluation.
  • A software localization company

  • An international consulting firm

Software UI localization, App UI localization, and cultural norms adaptation

Online help, release notes, specifications, and instruction manuals

Overseas marketing posters, websites, press releases, etc.

Translation, typesetting and sealing of various patent application documents, examination documents, litigation documents and transfer agreement documents in the field of ICT

Language testing, LQA, use case writing, document parsing, multimedia services, etc.

The ICT industry has many segments and involves various languages, requiring translators to be more expert. In addition, as corporate sensitive information such as core technology and product parameters are involved, LSPs must have a sound confidentiality system.
· We are certified in ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO17100.
· We handle ICT translation projects for many fortune 500 companies with powerful project teams and rich experience.
· We provide clients with professional ICT multi-language solutions so that product features can more accurately reach the target users.
· We meet clients' expectations in different aspects such as culture, psychology, habits, aesthetic needs and product performance.