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Introduction of the international patent classification and application process


The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), with currently 152 Contracting States, makes it possible to seek patent protection for an invention simultaneously in each of a large number of countries by filing an "international" patent application. Filing a PCT application has the effect of automatically designating all Contracting States bound by the PCT. The effect of the international application is the same in each designated State as if a national patent application had been filed with the national patent office of that State. 

Special attention should be paid to the fact that PCT application is not applicable to designs.

The approval process for PCT applications is divided into the international phase and the national phase. The international phase consists of acceptance, publication, search and preliminary examination stages. In the national phase, the examination and authorization are carried out by the Patent Office of a specific country.

Paris Convention

Most countries in the world are members of the Paris Convention. According to the provisions of the Paris Convention on "right of priority", once any member country has filed an invention or utility model application, it can have 12 months of priority  (6 months for industrial design applications) when applying to other member countries. Any publication or use of the application during this period will not affect the novelty of the application.

When an applicant wants to apply for a patent in one country or a few countries, applying through the Paris Convention is an effective method. Apply to each country with seperate application form. The authorization time is relatively short.

Handling process: Submit application - acceptance and review - authorization and announcement - issuance of certificate.

Regional treaties

① "European Patent Convention"

The term of the European patent shall be 20 years from the date of filing of the application. Multiple Contractig States can be designated to protect patents at a time for easier management. If an applicant intends to apply in more than 3 European regions or countries,  it is faster and cost-effective to file applications individually through this treaty.

②African Organization

Patents can be applied in 18 member countries in African Industrial Property Organization, and also 16 member countries in African Intellectual Property Organization.

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