Gaming translation must take into account nuances in age, cultural norms, hobbies, and behaviors of the target game players to provide the most appropriate expression. Our game localization team plays the game to get a firsthand experience so that we can ensure that players from all over the world can fully enjoy the localized games.

Game Localization Testing


Omission, grammar, spelling, readability, over-translation, mis-translation, letter case, punctuation, terminology, consistency, and other language problems


Politically sensitive terms, geo-sensitive terms, religiously sensitive terms, cultural customs


Text truncation, incomplete text display, overlapped texts, garbage characters, line-break error, font, font size, text color, text alignment, RTL mirroring errors, and other layout problems


Gaming policy in the target market, character design, feature design, production design, gameplay design

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What Kind of Services Do We Offer
Different game categories

Game localization should provide players in the target markets with the feelings and experience that are faithful to the original game. The gaming industry invloves interaction and specific characteristics, so if translators seldom play games or are unfamiliar with the industry's gaming terminology, the final translated works will fall short of gamers' needs.

· Our experienced translators who are proficient in game terminology can provide players in the target market with the feeling and experience that the original game intends to offer.

· Our professional testers resonate with players on an immersive level to create works that offer the ultimate user experience.

· The gaming team provides integrated services of translation, localization and multimedia processing.