Glodom Included Once Again in the Nimdzi 100 Ranking of Top Language Service Providers

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Nimdzi, an international language service advisory firm, recently released the 2022 Nimdzi 100: The Ranking of Top 100 Largest Language Service Providers. Glodom was included on the list and ranked 83rd, 4 places higher than the previous year.


Nimdzi is a world-renowned third-party language service organization composed of analysts, consultants, experts, and researchers of varied backgrounds in the language services industry. Nimdzi adopted a new survey method this year. All LSPs with a global income in excess of USD10 million were ranked by analyzing both the data within Nimdzi's database as well as external information. Glodom's ranking in the 2022 Nimdzi 100 shows that the company's comprehensive solutions for human translation, localization, multimedia, and desktop publishing have been highly recognized by Nimdzi. Only 6 Chinese LSPs were included in the list this year.


In 2021, the language service industry sought to survive the global epidemic and meet customers' changing needs by branching out and exploring new business models. This resulted in a strong growth momentum. Between 2020 and 2021, the combined revenues of the top 100 companies increased by 22.7%, compared to only 6.8% in the previous period. Nimdzi predicts that this growth momentum will continue in 2022. LSPs must further adapt to market changes to meet and exceed customers' new needs.


The language service industry involves many vertical fields. In 2022, Glodom will continue to focus on ICT, patents, life sciences, games, and finance & law to provide customers with professional, efficient, and accurate one-stop multilingual solutions.


Attachment: Ranking of the Top 100 LSPs


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