Glodom Holds Lectures on Translation at Anhui University's School of Foreign Studies

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Glodom Language Solutions was invited by the School of Foreign Studies at Anhui University to give a lecture series on translation. Hester, the Human Resource Manager, and Bill, the Patent Translation Manager & Quality Director, were designated to deliver the online lectures on June 1 and 8, respectively. The lectures garnered high praise from students and faculty alike.

On June 1, Hester shared her professional experiences with undergraduates by covering the most frequently asked questions regarding job searching in the translation field. She gave an overview of the current state of the translation industry and advised students to plan out their careers, as it is vital to choose the right occupation. She enumerated the many choices available to the students, including language teaching, translation and/or interpretation, publication, foreign affairs administration, foreign enterprise, and foreign trade. She kindly advised the students on how to improve both their linguistic skills and chances at postgraduate admission. Hester also gave tips on how to ace interviews and written tests, and even gave pointers on how to craft a better resume. During her lecture, Hester patiently answered all the questions from the job-seeking students, who spoke highly of the lecture and said they learned a lot from it.

The second lecture, “Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Breaking into the Language Service Industry”, was delivered by Bill on June 8. This invaluable lecture helped point the future translators and interpreters in the audience in the right direction. Bill introduced what new entrants need to know, including the ability to carry out basic language conversion. Using Chinese-to-English translation as an example, he emphasized the importance of thoroughly understanding the source text in order to end up with a correct and complete translation. He stated that the rapid development of AI translation technology necessitates mastering the relevant translation software in order to increase translation efficiency. He stressed the importance of being proficient in searching for information as well as having existing expertise. After covering the basic skills necessary for translation, Bill then went on to give the students tips on how they can improve themselves through better translations. He also shared common problems in translation with the students and proceeded to recommended solutions.

Both lectures were well received by the students, faculty, and administrators of the university. With nearly 20 years of experience in language services, Glodom has spent the past several years working with colleges and universities to provide training to the next generation of linguists in China.
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