Glodom: Innovate Language Technology Services Through Science and Technology, Build Bridges for Global Partnership

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Shirley Li, the General Manager of Glodom Language Solutions Co., Ltd. (Glodom), recently introduced the company's business model, technological innovation and future development plan in an interview seen in the 1919 Innovative Finance and Economy column, which is part of SZMG's financial channel. In the interview, Shirley Li highlighted the nearly 20 years of growth exhibited by the company.

Glodom is an innovative enterprise that specializes in providing language services and technology solutions. In the wake of the accelerated globalization of Chinese enterprises, we have played the role of a linguistic bridge which establishes deep partnerships with numerous leading enterprises and also helps Chinese enterprises to go global.


Translation has a rich history, and modern language services must be extensively innovated to meet market demands in the digital era. Advanced technologies, tools and processes are constantly applied in this industry. The development of Glodom benefits from the integration of information technology, language technology and process supervision technology, as well as the intelligent innovation of every language worker. It can be said that these are the most reliable driving forces of the development of the company. Many people think that translation and language services are simple tasks equivalent to basic paperwork, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Glodom, we have set up various departments, including Pre-translation, Post-translation and DTP, Data Management, Translation, Testing, Project Management, and Group of Tool Services. This intricate division of labor provides a technical guarantee for high-quality translation and localization.

We are extraordinarily detail-orientated in our work and invest in technology and processes. We formulate strict rules for every part of the process, and both improve and standardize all tools and operating conditions. Glodom is distinguished by its scientific management, long-term accumulated data, application scenarios and technical support.


In addition, the company always remains highly perceptive to technology and innovation. Glodom has continued to invest 10%-20% of its total revenues in research and development every year, and establishes and maintains close collaborative relationships with partners, tool manufacturers and industry associations in the language services industry. Glodom has been making full use of CAT technology to improve work efficiency. With the development of artificial intelligence, we have managed to keep up with the times and actively make innovations to develop AI machine translation systems in response to segmentation fields.

Glodom has always placed the customer first and provided them with high quality services. The company will remain committed to attracting overseas enterprises into China and helping Chinese enterprises expand into the overseas market. At the same time, we will continue to increase our research and development, as well as investment in technological innovation in order to provide more efficient and convenient translation services to both Chinese and global enterprises.

1919 Innovative Finance and Economy is a news column commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. It details the rapid growth of both Shenzhen-based enterprises and the city itself during the golden development period. Areas covered include the "Double-zone driver" of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Shenzhen Pioneering Demonstration Zone, and the "Double-zone combination" of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shenzhen Pioneering Demonstration Zone.

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