Glodom Ranked 55th on the CSA's List of Top 100 LSPs

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On The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2022, a prestigious ranking recently released by CSA Research, an internationally renowned language service advisory agency, Glodom ranked the 55th, up five places over the last year.

CSA Research provides independent, objective, and comprehensive primary research focused exclusively on the global content and language services market. This year is the 18th consecutive year that CSA Research has conducted a comprehensive survey of language service providers and technology markets based on open industrial data to release The Top 100 Language Service Providers. As an independent and objective third-party organization, CSA Research has been widely recognized by the industry and the market for many years. The list released by CSA Research is often regarded as an important factor when evaluating the industrial competitiveness of a language service provider. Many multinational companies make it clear that they only choose to cooperate with listed companies when opening up bids for language services.

Glodom has once again been recognized by CSA Research and listed among the top 100 global language service providers in 2022 because of our excellent comprehensive solutions for translation, localization, multimedia, and DTP. We have been listed in the top 100 LSPs for three consecutive years, which shows the recognition of our high quality and stable and continuous development of our services.

Due to COVID-19 in 2021, the language services industry needed to explore new business models to adapt to the new environment and meet the constantly changing needs and growth of customers. Between 2020 and 2021, the combined revenues of the top 100 companies increased by 22.7%, compared to only 6.8% in the previous period. It is predicted that this momentum will continue in 2022. LSPs must further adapt to market changes to meet and exceed customers' expectations. (Source: Slator)

In 2022, Glodom will continue to focus on ICT, intellectual property, life sciences, finance/law, and games, place the customer first, and improve products, quality, and services, providing more customers with more professional, efficient, and accurate one-stop multilingual solutions.

Appendix: The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2022

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