The insights of companies' continued business growth from Shirley Li, the CEO of Glodom Language Solutions shared t

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The language service organization CSA research recently published an article in the column of Insights from 19 CEOs of the Fastest-Growing LSPs. 19 CEOs from the 2022 Industry Top 100 shared the insights of their companies' continued business growth.

The following are insights from Shirley Li, CEO of Glodom Language Solutions :

Over the years, we have worked diligently to assist our clients in achieving their goals. Despite a dynamic language services market and ever-changing business environment, we remain true to our original aspiration and continue to step up our efforts to grow into a leading language services provider in the fields of ICT, intellectual property, finance, and medicine.

To achieve this, we follow a balanced approach between the Inside-Out and the Outside-In strategies. We continuously build our inner strengths and capabilities by organizing regular training sessions, encouraging learning and sharing, developing and deploying tools and machine translation engines in vertical fields, and building the knowledge base and corpus management system. We also further expand our adaptability to change by adopting innovative technologies and systems, including the Plunet translation management system and others.

Creating value for customers is the key to success. We will, as always, leverage the strengths of talented people, tailored processes, and innovative technologies to help customers achieve lasting success.

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