Explore Cutting-Edge Language Services with Glodom at GALA 2024: Forging a Multilingual Future

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As a premier provider of language services, we are thrilled to announce our participation in the GALA 2024, which is a testament to our commitment to connecting cultures and enhancing the global users' experience.

Why You Should Visit Us at Booth #24:

Industry Expertise: Specializing in ICT, gaming, Intellectual property, life sciences, and finance & law, Glodom owes a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements, providing tailored solutions that address the challenges of each domain.

Global Reach: Serving more than 150 languages, Glodom is equipped to support and empower international businesses, offering localization services.

Commitment to Quality: Committed to excellence, Glodom holds ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 17100 certifications. We ensure the highest standards of quality and confidentiality, guaranteeing professional handling of every client project.

Trusted Partnerships: Glodom has established long-term cooperation with many Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises in various industries, which is a strong testament to our ability.