Document Translation Native Speaker Proofreading Subtitles & Audio Translation Consecutive Interpretation (CI) Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)

Document Translation

We accurately translate various documents according to customer requirements, including business documents, contracts, project research reports, academic reports, papers, product specifications, advertising and marketing materials, etc.

Native Speaker Proofreading

After the translation is completed, our native speaker proofreading can ensure that the translation conforms to the quality standards of the source language and meets the cultural requirements of the target market.

Subtitles & Audio Translation

As more businesses are using videos as a marketing tool, we can help our clients' video  to reach more target audiences by means of transcription, dictation, audio translation, dialog subtitles, voice-over and dubbing.

Consecutive Interpretation (CI)

Our CI talents can ensure timely and accurate translation to clients in business negotiations and meetings. CI conveys more integral information than Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) due to the preparation interval between the speaker and the interpreter.

Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)

Our SI talents can interprets  in real time without interrupting the speaker, thus ensuring translation fluency and accuracy.